How to get groundhogs out from under a shed or a porch

There exist a number of methods that can be used to let Myrtle Beach groundhogs out from under your porch or shed. While there are a number of different methods, not all of these are humane and can be quite lethal. Usually, such methods are found in rural areas that lack check and balance from wildlife control/rehabilitation centers.

Perhaps, the most humane method of letting a South Carolina groundhog out is to use an exclusion trap. Exclusion traps are designed to let an animal in, however, they do not allow the animal to get back out. These are a type of cage traps.

Although using an exclusion cage trap is the most humane method of trapping a groundhog and get it out from your porch or shed, on the downside, it is quite tricky to be set up.

This is because it must be placed right outside the exit point of the den. Since dens usually happen to be quite a many in numbers, one must observe frequently in order to figure out the active entering and exit points of the groundhog.

In order to bait a Myrtle Beach groundhog, you may use a vegetarian. Cantaloupe is considered as the most effective and commonly available bait to trap a groundhog. In order to fully let the groundhog inside, make sure to put some of the bait outside the exit point and some inside near the end. This will make sure that the groundhog is fully lured inside.

The most difficult thing, however, is to set the trap in the right den and exit point. Otherwise, you may have no luck. This is true even in case you wish to use a lethal trap such as a leg or a body trap.

There are, however, a number of problems associated with trapping groundhogs. Firstly, you are never sure whether the one that you have caught is the only groundhog and that there are no more. Another major problem is that of releasing the trapped groundhog. You will have to take some laws into consideration in order to avoid getting in trouble.

Even though it seems very logical to consider removing groundhogs from under your porch or shed, the ability to do this correctly and to make sure that the entire den is sealed is far more difficult. You will also have to do a lot of inspection regarding the total population of groundhogs in the den.

Indeed, groundhogs happen to be very destructive animals and are harmful to crops and vegetation. So the worries of people having their land taken over by groundhogs are totally justified. Apart from the vegetation, groundhogs may also cause a lot of damage and harm to the property itself including furniture in case they make their way inside on a regular basis.

The best way to catch a groundhog from under a shed or porch is to get professional help from an animal control center. This, of course, applies in case you have a significant amount of experience in catching and releasing groundhogs or other similar animals.

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